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WU Started This!

We know that HBCU’s have been key to shaping the nations success. HBCU’s are responsible for building the Black middle class and graduate more STEM professionals of color than PWI’s…to this day. This movement, this culture, the rope that tethers us to our people was birthed at Wilberforce University.

Today, we share in the audacity of our founders who by God’s grace saw a vision others couldn’t see. A University designed to educate our people and instill not only the education, but also self-love and confidence they would need to change themselves, their communities, the nation, and the world. Please take a moment to visit the “WU Started This” webpage which can be found at this link: WU Started This… Suo Marte! - Wilberforce University This site was designed to share the impact of our legacy and to guide others to support our strong future and the students that we serve. In the coming days and weeks, you will see exciting student videos, social media messages and direct mail pieces which will support this effort.

We know that we are a small piece of the much larger history of Wilberforce University. How fortunate and humbling that God has called us to this sacred place at this moment, at this time, for such a time as this. Please steady yourself, consider the legacy you are woven into by God’s grace and make a personal investment that is meaningful to you. Additionally, please share this message with your network, friends, and family. Spread the word because, “WU Started This, and our work knows no end.”

Please take a moment and show your support by giving:

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