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10 Reasons To Join WUAA

1. Stay informed

Receive timely WUAA news and exclusive University event invitations tailored to you.

2. Alumni Networking.

Building a network of other graduates increases your connections. WUAA offers many chances for alumni to rub shoulders with one another at games, socials or events, like galas and community service functions. Not only is this a great way to mingle and enjoy yourself, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to expand your professional connections and meet fellow Wilberforceans people.

3. Alumni Recognition
Alumni receive recognition for noteworthy achievements and strong support of the university. WUAA annually awards alumni for their service to the university through the Distinguished Alumni Awards. 

4. Student Scholarships
Alumni Association members across the globe develop scholarships to assist WUAA students with the rising cost of educational expenses.  The Association annually invests more than $10,000 for programs, services and scholarships.

5. Directly impact students’ lives.

Proceeds from every Alumni Association membership help to fund the education of current University students.

6. Strengthen your degree.

Universities are stronger when alumni are connected because alumni engagement is one of the measures of quality used to rank major universities in the United States. Your membership in the WUAA helps increase the prestige of Wilberforce University and, in turn, improves the value of your degree.

7.  Be an advocate.

Joining the WUAA is the best way to be a voice for your alma mater. Show and share your support for the important work of the University to see it endure for another 164 years and beyond.

8.  Give back.

Your involvement with the WUAA provides a distinct opportunity to show your gratitude to Wilberforce University for your education and career preparation. 

9. Show Pride. 

Supporting your school shows pride in your education. Are you proud of having graduated? Does your degree signify your feelings for your university? Alumni support is essential to keeping this pride alive!

10. Volunteer Opportunities
Interact with alumni who hail from diverse backgrounds and preserve Wilberforce University community spirit by participating in the life of the university while you assist students and serve other alumni.

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