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Unlocking Potential: The Dynamic Force Behind Wilberforce University Alumni Association Standing Committees

Embark on a journey of empowerment and achievement as Wilberforce University Alumni Association's standing committees spearhead a mission to elevate excellence and foster community impact. 

Together, these standing committees form the heartbeat of our Association, driving progress, fostering community, and empowering generations of Wilberforce alumni to thrive and succeed. Join us as we continue to unlock potential, shape the future, and leave a lasting legacy of excellence. 

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  • Awards & Recognition Committee:

    • Celebrating the brilliance and accomplishments of our alumni, this committee shines a spotlight on those who epitomize excellence, inspiring generations to come.

  • Budget & Finance Committee:

    • Guiding the fiscal roadmap of the Association, this committee ensures responsible stewardship, empowering initiatives that drive progress and sustainability.

  • Campus Life Committee:

    • Nurturing a vibrant college experience, this committee collaborates with students and administration to cultivate a supportive environment where every individual thrives.

  • Chapter Presidents’ Council:

    • Fueling the momentum of our mission, this council ignites passion and purpose, rallying chapters nationwide to champion fundraising, recruitment, and membership drives.

  • Communication Committee:

    • Amplifying our voice and vision, this committee fuels engagement, ensuring seamless communication and alignment of goals across the Association and beyond.

  • Constitution & Bylaws Committee:

    • Upholding the pillars of our organization, this committee preserves our legacy, maintaining structural integrity and guiding principles for generations to come.

  • Fundraising Committee:

    • Pioneering philanthropy with purpose, this committee propels initiatives that enrich the Association and empower the University's growth, opening doors of opportunity for all.

  • Event Planning Committee:

    • Orchestrating unforgettable experiences, this committee sets the stage for collaboration and connection, uniting alumni in dynamic conferences and gatherings that inspire action.

  • Membership Committee:

    • Cultivating a sense of belonging, this committee fosters inclusivity and growth, welcoming new members into our family and nurturing lifelong bonds.

  • Nominating/Election Committee:

    • Nurturing leadership for tomorrow, this committee identifies and empowers visionary leaders, ensuring a diverse and dynamic Board that reflects our values and aspirations.

  • Public Relations Committee:

    • Illuminating our impact and influence, this committee amplifies our voice, extending our reach and fostering meaningful connections within the community.

  • Scholarship Committee:

    • Investing in the future, this committee fuels dreams and aspirations, providing vital support to deserving students, shaping tomorrow's leaders.

  • Young Alumni Committee:

    • Bridging past and present, this committee champions the next generation of leaders, empowering recent graduates to leave their mark and carry forward our legacy of excellence.


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