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The Home Depot “Retool Your School” is Back!

How It Works:

Done! Opt-In Period: All HBCUs accredited by the United States Department of Education are invited by The Home Depot to participate. An authorized school official must enroll their HBCU in the Retool Your School Program via the opt-in email.

This Is Where You Can Help! Voting Period: HBCU supporters can vote for their favorite HBCUs through Twitter and Instagram using the school’s designated hashtag or at Voting is unlimited. In each cluster, the 3 schools with the most votes will be in consideration for a campus improvement grant. We vote until April 5th!

And Here…The 10th grant will be awarded as the Campaign of the Year Award to the school that’s campaign proves particularly effective at galvanizing its community to vote. The Campaign of the Year Award will be judged by a panel of judges selected by Program sponsor, The Home Depot. Full Rules.

We have shared the amazing news on Facebook and IG and Twitter will launch this evening so feel free to repost, share and announce this exciting news on your personal sites. The more votes we get the better, so vote today and don’t forget to hashtag, #Wilberforce_RYS20

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