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· Two (2) 2021 Annual WUAA Memberships

· If a winner is already a 2021 WUAA member, the winner can gift a 2021 Annual Membership to a fellow alumnus.

How to participate:

· Navigate to the Men’s and/or Women’s ESPN Tournament Challenge on

· On the top menu, select Groups

· Scroll to All Groups and enter “WUAA 2021 M Challenge” for Men’s and “WUAA 2021 W Challenge” Women’s Tournament Challenge

· Select “Create Bracket Now” button to create and enter your bracket

· Both brackets are private. When prompt for a password, enter “WU1856”


· No purchase necessary

· ONE (1) entry per bracket per person

· All picks will lock at the scheduled tip off time of the first game of the first round of the Tournament currently scheduled for Friday, March 19, 2021 for Men’s, and Sunday, March 21, 2021 for Women’s.

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