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Empower the Legacy, Ignite the Future: Unite with Purpose, Alumni Committees Transforming Tomorrow!

Join forces with fellow alumni on committees to amplify our collective impact. Together, we shape the future of our alma mater, fostering growth, innovation, and lasting connections. Your involvement fuels the legacy, ensuring a vibrant and influential community for generations to come.  

Connect with the Standing Committee Chairpersons today!

  • Awards & Recognition - To provide awards to alumni who have demonstrated achievements which warrants such recognition based on established guidelines. 

  • Budget & Finance – To be responsible for developing and monitoring the operational budget of the Association.

  • Campus Life - To work closely with student organizations and the University administration to ensure a positive college experience for all students.

  • Chapter Presidents’ Council - To promote the Association's goals and objectives in the areas of fundraising, recruitment, and membership.

  • Communication - To promote and support concerns of the Association and the university.

  • Constitution & Bylaws – To maintain a uniform manual of the Association’s principles and established precedents and to maintain structural guidelines for local chapters.

  • Fundraising – To recommend fundraising goals and activities and implement them to the benefit of the Association and the University; responsible for monitoring gifts from various sources with respect to Restricted and Unrestricted determination.

  • Event Planning – To recommend to the Board prospective sites and dates for meetings and national conferences. To serve in a leadership capacity implementing conferences and meetings. Chapters hosting conferences will work very closely with this Committee.

  • Membership – To maintain the membership policies of the Association and promote practices consistent with those policies. To increase, reclaim, and retain membership.

  • Nominating/Election – To prepare and propose annually, a slate of candidates to fill vacant positions on the Board and to disseminate, in a timely manner, ballots of candidates meeting requirements of the vacant positions.

  • Public Relations – To support the Association in its Mission; increase visibility of the Board and its local chapters; and to extend the organization influence in the community.

  • Scholarship – To generate gifts to be used for scholarships; screen applicants and recommend student recipients of Wilberforce University to receive awards.

  • Young Alumni – To promote the interests and welfare of Wilberforce University and the Association, specifically alumni who have graduated within the last 20 years

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