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Calling all artists, poets, singers, musicians...

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Calling all artists, poets, singers, musicians, rappers, dancers, comedians and visual artist to participate in Up to the Fountain: Open mic night as part of the 2021 WUAA virtual national conference. Event Date: Friday August 6th, 9pm to 11:00 pm hosted by Alumni class of 99' poet, author, Kian Furnace owner of Magnificent Brothers Press and member of WU Greater NC Alumni chapter.

Interested participants can sign up here:

Cost is $25 all proceeds benefit Wilberforce University Alumni Association.

Participants will have 5 minutes to perform their art, please make sure your art is conducive for multi-generational audience, and in good public taste. We want to show our University's diverse collection of talent and creativity while also celebrating our University's history and reputation.

WUAA National Virtual Conference: Celebrating our Linage and Enriching Our Legacy August 6-7, 2021 Register now!

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