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New week, New incentive, same goal!

New week, New incentive, same goal!

Voting Week 2: Homecoming (2/22 – 2/28)


25,000 additional votes will go to each participating HBCU that gets three alumni to share a 10-second video urging their school constituents to vote.


Each HBCU participating in this Challenge will receive a maximum of 25,000 votes if, by 11:59 PM on Sunday, February 28, 2021, a minimum of three alumni from each participating school will have posted a 10-second or longer video on their personal Twitter or Instagram accounts. To be eligible, alumni must include in their videos:

A verbal mention of voting (e.g. “Go vote,” “Vote now,” etc.)

A verbal mention of their alma mater And must include all of the following in their social media captions:

Your HBCU’s designated hashtag (found on

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