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The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the welfare of Wilberforce University, its Alumni and society at large with funding, student referrals and overall support for the good of the continuing existence of the University. We shall also be committed to assist in accomplishing its mission.

The WUAA (Wilberforce University Alumni Association) is comprised of 8 Executive Board members and 15 members as Board of Directors. Several working committees diligently work on an annual basis to provide the support for the University and the Scholarship Committee is instrumental in awarding scholarships to student recipients at the annual University Honors Day Convocation held in April. Scholarship applications are available in the Student Financial Services Office.

Upon graduation, students receive membership for a year in the WUAA with the hopes that they will become productive members in their local city chapters.

Dear Forceans:


Direction is defined as the point towards which something faces or the line along which it moves or lies. Wilberforceans are the most loyal and supportive group of alumni in the nation. We need a revised sense of purpose, which will tackle the challenges that lie ahead for all of us. We must strive to increase membership in our local chapters, giving generously to our university, and providing the necessary contacts for securing jobs for our graduates.


The story is told of a father and son walking together in a field and they come upon a turtle sitting on an old fence post.  The boy inquired about how the turtle got on top of the fence post.  The father replied, “I don’t know son, but one thing is for certain, it did not get there alone”.


The same could be said for each of us.  We are where we are today because we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before.  There has always been a green and gold tie that binds the generations.  That strand is the thousands of alumni both past and present.


More than ever, promising, gifted young students are in need of our support.  Yes, of course they need money to help them pursue their dreams of a college education, but they also need to know that their journey is not one taken alone.


You can provide a contact that helps them land the first job after graduation, or just give advice and encouragement.


We sincerely hope that you will continue to be involved in assisting our alma mater to continue to move in a positive direction by renewing friendships, networking among colleagues, or to help lift the spirit of a fellow alumnus. 



Communication is good, however cooperation is essential.

Where To Find Us:

Wilberforce University Alumni Association

PO Box 370

Wilberforce OH 45384


Email: info@wilberforceuniversityalumni.com

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